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G-Protector Anti Virus Utility (The original name is called APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard)

It is an innovation Android device security and protection application. It is integrated with some featured functions and system utilities to make your device safety and reliable , including the anti-virus, APP Lock, Secret Cloud storage, Diagnosis Master and performance optimization.

█ With G-Protector , you can
☆ Scan APK before you install it !
☆ Detect any damage software in real-time
☆ User report system to report any unknown threat and view the statistical report
☆ Diagnostic analysis applications to find out the application sensitive opearation
☆ APP Lock allows you to lock your private applications
☆ Secret Cloud to store your confidential encrypted data and files
☆ Performance Optimization can be one-click cleanup system cache and memory
☆ Diagnosis Master make you check the Battery Usage, Process Memory, APP, APK analysis
█ Virus Test
☆ You can download from HERE, G-Protector Virus Test APK.
☆ You can download from HERE, G-Protector Master Key 9950697 Test APK.

█ Download
☆ Download from Google Play.
☆ You can download APK from HERE (Version: 1.0.6).

█ EULA & ToS
☆ You can download EULA from HERE.
☆ You can download TOS from HERE.