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█ Floating Banner 2.0

█ Ultimate Floating Banner 2.0 Application
☆ Full functional on the floating system
Including the move, resize, auto docking. You can easy to call the floating Banner 2.0 in anytime and anywhere without interrupt your general operation.
☆ Launcher & Widgets
You can make the Floating Banner 2.0 as your Floating Launcher, put any widget and shortcut.
☆ A Revolutionary Integration with Powerful Floating Tool Kits
The Floating Banner 2.0 is not only a floating launcher, it has contains tool kits, like Camera, StopWatch, Task Killer, Floating Browser...etc. You can add any tool kit you like into the floating panel in any order.
# Floating Camera with QR Code Scanner
# Floating Stop Watch
# Floating Web Browser
# Floating Status Kit with Memory Clean Up
█ Download
☆ Download from Google Play.
☆ You can download APK from HERE (Version: 2.0.8).
☆ You can download APK from HERE (Version: 2.0.7).
☆ You can download APK from HERE (Version: 1.0.7).

█ EULA & ToS
☆ You can download EULA from HERE.